Insurance Policy Euro Collection Hair

Euro Collection Hair Extensions ensure all items available in our shop and have an insurance policy for all our products, including hair extensions. It ensures that if your package is lost, stolen, or damaged when shipped; you can file claims.

If your item has been damaged or lost in transit, please contact us, and we will be the ones to file the insurance claim for you! We will assist in the investigation and contact you if further documents are needed. Our goal is to offer our customers amazing experience and confidence as an online hair extension company.

Important Notes For Euro Collection Insurance Policy:

  • Replacement:

Replacements will only be shipped pending a thorough investigation. It may take fourteen (14) days to two (2) months, depending on what the shipping method of your original order was. If you aren’t able to wait for the process, we require you to place another order. We will refund the original transaction once we have received the reimbursement from our insurance company or receive the missing package.

  • Claims For Damages:

Claims for damages of your item can be submitted anytime. It must be submitted within 180 days after shipment has been made. The claims for any lost packages for these merchants can be submitted on the following dates:

UPS- One day after shipment date, once the package was confirmed as delivered.

USPS- 30 days after shipment date

DHL- 30 days after shipment date

  • Damaged Items::

We strongly recommend that you keep the damaged items in the condition it arrived in. These items must be held in the event requested during the claims. Failure to keep the damaged property may affect the final settlement of the claim.

  • Warning: Any fraudulent claims will make the recipient liable for prosecution for mail fraud. This is under the Federal Criminal Code.