How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair using Euro Collection Hair Extensions. Learn you how to place the tape in hair extensions and achieve DIY hairstyles
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How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair | DIY Techniques

We’re sure all the ladies would agree that hair extensions are one of the greatest creations in the hair industry! As long as you know How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions, you’ll reap the many benefits.   Saving tons of money. With the Best Tape In Hair Extensions, we’re able to have full and luscious hair without worry of maintaining it with tons of products.

Another advantage with hair extensions is that you can tape it in yourself, though we recommend getting it professionally done.  Yes, no need for the salon! As long as you’ve got the patience and follow the instructions, you’ll have the hair you want in time for your event. But the question is: How do you do it? Read on as we show you how to place the Tape In Hair Extensions and achieve DIY hairstyles suitable for you.


How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair using Euro Collection Hair Extensions. Learn you how to place the tape in hair extensions and achieve DIY hairstyles

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions – DIY Hairstyles

What’s great about using tape in hair extensions is that it doesn’t take much time at all and it does NOT look fake. Easy to care for and not to damage the hair, these types of extensions are ideal for just about any lady out there.

To install it yourself, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Before anything else, be sure to wash and dry your hair like how you normally would. They will last longer that way. Brush your hair extensions as well to make installing it easier.

IMAGE 2 EuroCollectionHair DIY hairstyles

2. Separate horizontal parts across your scalp, around one inch from your neck’s nape. You can use either your fingers or a comb to make the parts and apply the extensions near the area where you’ve done the part. This is done so that the clips are hidden by your hair.

3. Tie the top of your hair up to secure it, making it easy to apply for the extensions without risk of your hair falling and having trouble.

4. Remove thin parts of your hair (non-clipped) to sandwich the hair between the top and bottom of your extensions. The hair parted needs to be thin, so the tape will be able to stick in your hair.

IMAGE 3 EuroCollectionHair DIY hairstyles

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair | DIY Hairstyles

5. With the thin portion of your hair, attach the bottom extension to it. Make sure to remove the strip covering the tape, then place it under the thin hairpiece. To attach the top extension, remove the piece that covers the tape and then presses it on top of your hair strands, sticking to the bottom extensions. Hold it together for about half a minute to secure the extensions fully.

If they don’t stick together, it means you have too much hair between the strands. Brush away some hair from the bottom extension gently and try again. Take note that the extensions need to be covered in your hair and not out on the sides to avoid it from showing and looking obvious.

IMAGE 4 EuroCollectionHair DIY hairstyles

6. Repeat the process to all the sides of hair you’d like to cover, which is most likely five rows of hair extensions. They will need to be one centimeter apart when applying it side by side, and one inch apart if you are working on top of the extensions you just added.

In Conclusion

When it comes to creating the perfect DIY hairstyles, then you might want to invest in a set of clip-in hair extensions. Not only are these the quickest way to get voluminous hair, but it’s easy to apply right in the comforts of your home! With good instructions and help from a friend, you can save a ton of time and money as compared to going to a salon to have your hair done.

We hope that this article shows you how to place tape-in hair extensions correctly. So don’t wait any longer! If you want beautiful wedding hair or a rocking style for any event, try applying for hair extensions yourself now.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with DIY hairstyles and using clip-in hair extensions, then comment down below. We would love to hear what you think.

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