We will be tackling the Frequently Asked Clip In Hair Extensions Questions pertaining to using clip-ins from Euro Collection Hair. If you are unable to find your answers here, then do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Before reviewing the Clip in Hair Extensions Questions, it is important to understand what are clip ins! They are wefted pieces of hair which contain clips inside to install easily.

Clip in hair extensions is used as a quick solution to transform your look. They can also be applied in just minutes, no need to get help from a hairstylist.

These extensions do not need any long-term bonding or glues. They do not cause any form of permanent damage to one’s hair.

Hair tutorial on how to put in hair piece using clipin hair extensionsClip in hair extensions is used to extend your hair length, add more volume, or to add highlights and lowlights to your natural hair. They are the fastest and most versatile way to enhance your hair’s look without damaging your natural hair.

To receive the optimum results, it’s best to have your hair reach the nape of your neck to allow the clip in hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Another important Clip in Hair Extensions Questions we receive is regarding the hair quality.

Human Hair Extensions have the ability to be curled, straightened, dyed, treated, or styled as if it were your own hair. It is the best choice if you are making an investment in hair extensions.

Synthetic Hair Extensions can’t be styled using high heat and won’t last as long compared to human hair. They are also quite difficult to blend with natural hair and used as a one-time hair extension rather than long-term.

We do not recommend that you color the hair, as the hair has been treated with color. While you can also use semi-permanent hair dye, it’s best to keep its integrity.

Here at Euro Collection, we use a unique dyeing process to deliver natural hair colors to match the highest number of natural shades of brunettes and blondes!

Some brands would color hair in just one harsh session, we ensure that we gradually lighten the hair with a process that can take a few days. This will ensure that there is no damage and that you receive super silky hair with amazing colors!

Cuticle Remy Hair is one of the highest grades of human hair available. Many people choose this for hair extensions as it achieves the natural look. It’s also known as one of the finest qualities of human hair, as the cuticles are intact and run in the same direction.

When we collect the hair from its donor, we tie the hair to preserve its direction. That way, it’s less likely to tangle. These types of hair extensions last longer and are easier to maintain, as it keeps both its shine and vitality.

Some of the Clip In Hair Extensions Questions we receive is “Why Us”?

Well, we are extremely proud of our products’ quality!

Wide Selection of Natural Colors

Euro Collection Hair is very excited to offer the largest selection of colors for our clip in hair extensions, all available online! You can choose from 30 shades, including browns, blacks, reds, blondes, or even multi-tonal shades! This ensures that you receive the closest color match and a natural-looking result.

Hair Extensions Made from the Best Quality Materials

Euro Collection Hair offers hair extensions made out of premium 100% natural Remy human hair made of the highest caliber. All of our hair extensions undergo the extensive manila processing, ensuring that shorter hair is removed while the thickness remains the same from top to bottom. No more dealing with thin and wispy ends!

Versatile And Flexible

All of our clip in hair extensions at Euro Collection Hair Extensions are available in the correct width. You can also choose the length suitable for your hair type and are assured that all sets will have the similar amount of thickness regardless of the length.

For those who want a fuller look for their long natural hair, then you can use just one set. For those who want more volume and longer hair, then you will need to purchase two sets.

All of our clip in sets are made of full and healthy hair. The clip ins are designed to provide a fuller look. We do NOT offer thin clip ins that show any metal clips because we know that it isn’t cool. This is the reason why we have different weights made for various lengths to have the perfect balance for those who want to achieve either a fuller or longer look.

The fuller hair clip would also prevent you having too many clips in your hair to make it easier to install. But if you want to have the full glamorous look, you will need to use more than just one set. Check out our clip in selection to get your desired look!

If you would like a thinner look or if you have thin, fine hair, you may want to try our tape in hair extensions.

Below are the answers to the Clip In Hair Extensions Questions regarding the measurements:

Clip and Weft Measurements:

  • Two 8-inch wide wefts (around 20cm) – four clips for each weft
  • Two 6-inch wide wefts (around 15cm) – three clips for each weft
  • Two 4-inch wide wefts (around 10cm) – two clips for each weft
  • Four 1.5-inch wide wefts (around 4cm) – one clip for each weft


  • 16, 18 and 20 inches = about 130 grams
  • 22, 24, and 26 inches = about 140 grams

To answer your Clip In Hair Extensions Questions regarding daily wear, please note that we do not recommend that you keep your hair extensions on every day. The constant friction when teasing your hair and clip-ins isn’t safe for your hair. It would put more weight on your hair, which results in breakage in the long term. If you plan on wearing hair extensions every day, opt for tape in extensions instead, which are semi-permanent and do not require you to take them off every day. These extensions are invisible and lay flatter, so you can wear them as a ponytail, undo, or braids. Plus, no damage!

If you want to know “How long can you leave clip in hair extensions in,” we’ll provide a more detailed answer in the next section.

The lifespan of your clip in hair extensions depends on the way you take care of them, as well as the type of products you use and how many times you wear them each day. So if you are wondering how long do clip in hair extensions stay in, the answer varies! As long as you care for it properly and wear them regularly, the hair extensions would really stay on. Teasing your hair will lengthen the staying power as well.

Clip in hair extensions are pieces you can easily install or remove anytime you want. But if you are wondering: “Is it bad to sleep with hair extensions in?” then you should take note that you should not. This is because out would add pressure to your scalp, resulting in bald spots.

The hair itself would last for a long time as long as you take care of it properly. Review the maintenance routines to maintain its texture.

One of the important Clip In Hair Extensions Questions we need to address is sleeping with hair extensions!

Again, we do not recommend that you wear your clip in hair extensions when in bed, as this would tangle or damage the clips. Just like asking “can you wear clip in extensions every day?” it’s still best to remove it after use to avoid damage to both extensions and natural hair.

Yes, you can! But when you swim with hair extensions, make sure that your hair is down or ties into a simple ponytail. Avoid putting your hair extension in a bun, as this would cause tangling.

So if you are wondering “can you go swimming with clip in hair extensions?” there are no worries there. But do take note that chlorine and salt water dry out hair extensions, so make sure you wash your hair as soon as you are done swimming.

The clip in hair extensions should be washed after five to ten wears or when you have used a lot of styling products on it.

Yes, it is possible to straighten, style, or curl your hair extensions just as you would with your natural hair.

Here, we will answer the important Clip In Hair Extensions Questions about storage.

Our clip in sets includes free storage cases for first-time buyers to maintain its lifespan. womens health. These cases would eliminate any dust buildup or any possibility of tangling. It ensures that the extensions will stay in tiptop condition for as long as possible.

Over time, the clip in hair extensions would accumulate residue, similar to your natural hair. But this doesn’t mean you’ll need to wash them after each time you wear it. Like mentioned, we recommend that you wash it after every five to ten years.

You should wash the extensions in a tub or sink (NOT while clipped on in the shower with your natural hair!).

  1. Before you wash the extensions, brush them to ensure no tangles.
  2. Rinse each piece separately with lukewarm water.
  3. Place a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand. asthma relief management. The shampoo should be specifically formulated for treated hair.
  4. Lather the shampoo into the hair gently. Make sure that you work with one piece at a time. Avoid twisting or scrubbing the hair.
  5. Apply the shampoo in a downwards motion, from the top to the ends.
  6. Once lathered completely, rinse your hair thoroughly under lukewarm water until you have removed all the shampoo.
  7. Apply conditioner and leave it for about five minutes. Rinse right after and repeat the steps with all remaining hair extensions.

We also recommend that you use a nourishing treatment every month or so to ensure that the hair extensions remain in optimal condition.

The clip in hair extensions would take about five minutes to apply and around a minute to take out. These extensions are effortless to use, known as the quickest and easiest way to transform your hairdo in mere minutes.

Clip in hair extensions would also attach quickly and easily to your hair with its small comb-like clips which are sewn directly on the back of the wefts. The clips are lined with a small silicone strip to ensure that they stay on super tight and will not slip don your natural hair.

For tutorials on applying the clip in hair extensions, visit this page.