The Euro Collection Hair Cuticle Virgin is the luxury collection that offers high-quality hair extensions made from 100% Pure Cuticle Virgin Hair which is then perfected with a unique process which guarantee the highest quality hair extensions in the market. These extensions are made of a multi-tone adapt coloring system, so the extensions perfectly blend with your hair. With the new system, it makes one’s hair flow excellently while looking beautiful and natural.

Providing exclusive hair extensions, such as the “Euro Cuticle Virgin” and the “Just Gorgeous” both made of the quality materials women will appreciate. Made to last and look perfect, these hair extensions are ideal for any woman who wants to achieve THE attractive look that will turn heads.

The Euro Collection Hair Cuticle Virgin offers one of the best qualities of hair extensions, coming in natural colors fit to share a very striking resemblance and feeling similar to real hair. The collections also come in either clip-in, tape-in, or I-tips extensions. All of them a perfect and quick solution to make your extensions last!

The Just Gorgeous Collection is made of the material that looks and feels just like real hair. It’s made from high intensity 100% Japanese and Korean Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber Hair.

This Collection also comes with other hair accessories to suit ANY style, so women will have a variety of choices on what they want to pull off. One can select between the classic ponytail, an elegant bun, and the fantastic Chignon hairpiece.

With these two new amazing collections with better material that feels so real, women will now be able to style their hair effortlessly, feeling confident while creating their style. And that’s what Euro Collections Hair aims to achieve.


Beauty-Experience Euro Collection Hair

Beauty Experience

A team of experts with over 20 years combined experience in the beauty industry, ensuring perfection with its unique process that guarantees the highest quality hair extensions in the market.

Lifestyle-and-Fashion Euro Collection Hair

Lifestyle and Fashion

Euro Collection Hair is the final destination for hair needs to suit any woman’s lifestyle and fashion sense. Offering collections from daily to occasional wear hair extensions for any season, transforming looks in seconds with natural beauty.

Quality-and-Style Euro Collection Hair Extensions

Quality and Style

More than 20 natural colors for one to choose the perfect hue. Vast selection of various popular finished styles, from Clip-In, Tape-In, and Tip. Euro Collection Hair offers the best quality hair extensions made from 100% Pure Cuticle Virgin hair.


Convenient selection of payment and shipment methods. SAME DAY SHIPPING on orders confirmed by 2 pm EST, and the option for local pick-up surrounding the East Coast area (Rockville, MD).